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Episode 56

Published on:

15th Mar 2022

Pennies From Rick: Stacey Runfola on Grief, Hope, and Widowhood

My friend Stacey Runfola lost her husband Rick to cancer in 2014.

On this episode, she shares her emotional journey, talks about the lack of resources for caregivers, and provides excellent advice for those who are going through loss. Thank you Stacey for opening your heart and trusting me to share your story. 💙

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This is a Facebook post from Stacey on April 1, 2021, on the 10-year anniversary of Rick's proposal, and the 7-year-anniversary of his funeral.

“It seems that I use the same word to describe this day each year, but it holds true. Bittersweet. There is no more fitting word to encapsulate the joy and fulfillment of the day I became engaged to marry this man (and the devilish look in his eye all day long on April Fools...!) but also the same exact day I buried my husband, just three years later.

When we decided to get married, we felt the world was at our fingertips. We were so ready to build our dreams together. We had no idea that surviving terminal cancer would so quickly become our only dream and goal.

Ten years ago today, Rick asked me to be his wife. Seven years ago today was his funeral. He knew me so well on so many levels. He had expectations for me to fulfil after he died, and I’m entirely certain he would be really proud of me today.

I don’t wish widowhood on anyone, but I am surviving, and thriving even while I continue to live with the grief of his loss. My life and relationship with Rick helped develop the person I am today. With each success I can hear his completely unsurprised response running through my mind, and with the setbacks I dig deep to try to feel his encouragement.”


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