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Episode 80

Published on:

27th Feb 2024

Ethan Zohn: 'Survivor' made him famous. Surviving cancer made him limitless.

My guest today is Ethan Zohn, a former professional soccer player, winner of the world's most famous reality show Survivor, humanitarian, philanthropist, author, inventor, investor, advocate for cannabis and psychedelics, with a special interest in helping cancer patients and survivors.

Ethan is the co-founder of the global non-profit, Grassroot Soccer, which has reached millions of youth in 60+ countries with vital health information and services.

Oh, and he's a two time survivor of CD20 positive Hodgkin’s Lymphoma who has been through the gauntlet of chemo, radiation, two stem cell transplants.

We talk about how at 50 he's now the "old curmudgeon" of the Survivor family tree; his uncanny resemblance as a teenager to Patrick Dempsey's nerdy character, Ronald Miller, from the movie "Can't Buy Me Love"; his insane number of side hustles since grade school; the emotional turmoil of his two bouts with lymphoma; how medical cannabis changed his life for the better; the pressure of going through cancer in the media spotlight; and how he found his authentic voice when he stopped saying what people wanted him to say, and started telling his truth about the cancer experience.


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