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Episode 45

Published on:

7th Sep 2021

'We are fathers facing cancer,' with Steven Barker

Today on the Man Up to Cancer Podcast... our red-bearded friend from Memphis.. Steven Barker drops by the show to talk about his crazy journey with lymphoma. 

Steven is part of the growing admin team in Man Up to Cancer's Howling Place Facebook group.

He lives with his wife, Katie, and their two kids in a suburb of Memphis, Tenn. He spent the first nine months of 2019 simply trying to find a doctor that would hear his concerns and consider his symptoms may be more severe than “most guys his age.”

It was nearly a year before he finally received a proper diagnosis: Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, stage III.

From my takeaways:

  • Why a man should NEVER ignore low iron levels 
  • What it’s like to be a dad raising young kids while cancering
  • Uncover the identity of Steven’s celebrity crush (Hint: This one might blindside you)


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