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Episode 48

Published on:

18th Jan 2022

Surviving Through Music

Diagnosed at age 27, Jason Beaulieu of Millbury, Mass., has been fighting metastatic papillary thyroid cancer for more than three years.

Music has kept him going.

Jason has been playing music in some form or another for most of his life. But he didn’t sing in front of a live audience until after his cancer diagnosis and first surgery (which was 21 hours!).

Motivated by his friend Camden and his life coach Derek, Jason worked through his apprehensions, and he and has emerged as a musical artist to watch. 

Last fall, he was invited to Los Angeles to record his song, “What’s Next?”, with a professional band and producers. He was selected for this honor by Cancer Can Rock, a non-profit organization founded by Jim Ebert, who is a multi-platinum record producer and a cancer survivor. The foundation serves musicians facing aggressive cancer.






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