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Episode 35

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6th Apr 2021

Dan Duffy is Taking His Ball and Going Home

Dan Duffy is a filmmaker, video producer, author, speaker, blogger, and accidental activist. He is a testicular cancer survivor, coming up on the 20-year mark.

Dan is the author of The Half Book: He’s Taking his Ball and Going Home. He lives with his wife and children in St. Louis, Missouri.  

Bio material from Huff Post:

Dan graduated from the Foundation Film program at the Vancouver Film School in 2000. He has been making documentaries, commercials, and short films since for companies big and small around the world. He has won numerous awards in his career, including a Telly Award Winner, a seven-time Telly Award Finalist Winner, and an AIR (Achievement in Radio) award, with two other nominations. 

Dan wanted to change the way people looked at a cancer diagnosis, after his own experience left him wondering about several questions that he was unable to have answered during his fight. In 2010, he and his producing partner, Joe Farmer, founded The Half Fund, a mission dedicated to “lifting the veil on cancer” through the use of mass-media communications, such as movies and documentaries and books and music. 

The Half Fund has achieved 501-(C)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service, and has received a strong endorsement from the American Cancer Society. The mission of The Half Fund is to “…remove the myopia associated with a cancer diagnosis…to give answers to questions before someone knows to even ask.” 


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