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Episode 36

Published on:

13th Apr 2021

My three-year Cancerversary

A solo show for today's episode... A long overdue update on my personal cancer journey, and reaching the three-year mark from diagnosis.

OK, let’s get the bad cancer news out of the way...

I have a peach-sized mass in my upper abdomen — nestled up against my stomach — that continues to grow despite my treatments. I call him Problem Child. We plan on getting a biopsy next week, to see if there are any clues on how to get him to settle the hell down. It may be radiation. It may be chemo. It may be both. Surgery is not on the table right now, but may be in the future.

On to the good news!

The rest of the small tumors in my abdomen have not grown. The one tumor in my liver is presumed dead. And I passed the THREE-YEAR MARK of my cancer diagnosis. To celebrate, I hiked Mt. Pierce in New Hampshire with Sarah and some good friends. It was a beautifully clear, sunny, 50-degree day, and I felt really good! Also, we are traveling to California in a few days to visit my dad and his fiancee, and to take in the incredible natural beauty there. 

More good news…

Thanks to you, the Man Up to Cancer Podcast has been downloaded more than 10,000 times since we launched last July! Huge thanks to the pod squad (Kelin, Suzi, Alice) and all my amazing guests for making this show a success. Who knew there would be such interest in a podcast about dudes and cancer?!?

Even more good...

Man Up to Cancer is thrilled to welcome three new sponsors this spring! I only partner with organizations and companies that I love and trust, and that provide real benefits for the MUTC community. We depend on these partnerships to carry out our mission. 

Blue Note Therapeutics




Zero Gravity Cannabis


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